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Videos of Amsterdam

This guy was having trouble driving his tiny van down the bike lane (which he has a right to do, by the way). But nothing was going to stop him. Even losing a bit of his van.

I have no idea what is on her head, but she carries it well.
What can I say, this guy is a real character. Watch how he collects his tips.
This is a ‘car-bike’. One of the many odd bikes you see in this town.
This is the insane Dutch tradition of dressing up as black slaves and working, giving sweets to kids, as SinterKlaas’s little helpers.

The Sikh community celebrate Vaisakhi (harvest festival) and the birth of Khalsa (Sikh baptism) with a Nagar Kirtan (procession) from their temple to Dam Square and back.

The canals froze over in February 2012. Everybody gets out their skates.