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Short clips of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Moments 1

This guy was having trouble driving his tiny van down the bike lane (which he has a right to do, by the way). But nothing was going to stop him. Even losing a bit of his van.

Amsterdam Moments 2

I have no idea what is on her head, but she carries it well.

Amsterdam Moments 3

What can I say, this guy is a real character. Watch how he collects his tips.

Amsterdam Moments 4

This is a 'car-bike'. One of the many odd bikes you see in this town.

Amsterdam Moments 5 - Blackface and Sinterklaas

This is the insane Dutch tradition of dressing up as black slaves and working, giving sweets to kids, as SinterKlaas's little helpers.

Amsterdam Moments 6

The Sikh community celebrate Vaisakhi (harvest festival) and the birth of Khalsa (Sikh baptism) with a Nagar Kirtan (procession) from their temple to Dam Square and back. Its

Amsterdam Moments 7

The canals froze over in February 2012. Everybody gets out their skates.